The process is very similar to embedding videos. If you have a Blogger Blog, it involves copying and pasting the embed code into your blog post. To get the embed code, simply go to the bottom of the slideshow and place your mouse cursor over the tab that says embed. A little pop up link will appear that says "get embed code". Click on that. A window will appear with the code. If you click on the "copy embed code" button, it will be copied onto your clipboard. You can then paste it into your blog post.

You can also click the "view" link on the bottom of the slideshow. This will take you to the slideshow's page at Slideshare. To the right of the slideshow will be a window with the embed code. There will also be a window with an embed code for Wordpress blogs. You may find this video to be helpful, if you have any problems. The bottom of the slideshows have other tabs to help you post them to places other than Blogger or Wordpress.