Digital photography is quickly becoming the preferred method of taking pictures for both amateurs and professionals. This popularity is a result of the fact that digital photography has numerous advantages over traditional photography for most people.

Reduced Expense

Generally, digital photography is far less expensive than traditional photography, in the long run. Digital photos are recorded electronically in a digital format so they can be downloaded directly to your computer. This allows you to avoid the repeated costs of buying film and photo developing. You can also send unlimited electronic copies of these pictures by email at no extra cost.


Most digital cameras allow you to see your pictures right away. This is immensely satisfying and provides immediate feedback on your photography techniques. You no longer have to wait until you use all of your film and then get your pictures developed before finding out if they even turned out. This is especially valuable for capturing precious family moments that you can send right away to friends and relatives.


Most digital cameras have easy to use, built in editing features. You can easily crop and center the picture or sharpen the image to produce a picture that's worthy of printing. If you buy inexpensive photo editing software, you can do much more with your digital photos including applying special effects.


You can avoid the hassles of running out of film, because even a small memory card for a digital camera can easily store many hundreds of pictures. There's no need to ration your pictures. You can easily take several and just delete the ones you don't like.

It's not surprising that digital photography is becoming so popular. Digital cameras and digital memory are becoming so inexpensive that it makes it pretty easy to get started with digital photography. Even an inexpensive digital camera can often produce good results in the hands of a beginner. You can always invest in more expensive equipment after you become more experienced.