Camera Collecting

Sometimes I wonder if we have it too easy, with all our modern technological gadgets. I don't think so. I like easy. Still, it is best to not entirely forget our past and the simple pleasures it provided. Cameras are a good example. I like modern digital cameras and their ease of use. I especially like the way digital photographs can be stored, processed and shared electronically. I'm a bit spoiled and don't really know much about the cameras and photographers that preceded me. I decided to remedy this situation by doing an online search about old cameras and camera collecting. Here are some links I found useful.

Collecting and Using Old Cameras: This site features photo galleries of collectible cameras. Detailed descriptions and usage tips are provided.

Camera Collecting and Restoration: Here you will find detailed information about many old cameras and how they can be repaired so you can actually use them. He makes the point that many older cameras can be purchased inexpensively, yet take better pictures than many of the far more expensive cameras on the market today.

Antique and Nineteenth Century Cameras: It's kind of fun to browse through all these photographs of antique cameras. This site also features information and links for the camera collector.