Public Domain Pictures

I have decided to start including some public domain picture on this site. Public domain pictures are free for the public to use. Nobody owns the copyright on them. See this Wikipedia article about public domain. They are useful for adding to your website or for making slideshows or videos. You can click on the Public Domain Pictures label link to see what I have so far. (As time goes on, I will add Public Domain Pictures 2 and so on. Check the labels in the sidebar to access all the pictures.)

Wikimedia commons is a great place to find public domain pictures and other media types that are in the public domain. I usually use a search term like sunsets public domain to weed out the results that may be free to use, but still have some kind of copyright restrictions. It is still a good idea to check the information on the file to ensure that it is really in the public domain. Sometimes, it will be requested that you include an attribution on the picture, especially if it is from a government agency. I will be including links on the picture posts so you can check for yourself the status of the pictures.

Here are some other other sites I like that have good quality public domain pictures.

PD Photo
Gimp Savvy
US Fish and Wildlife Digital Library System
NASA Images